Medic IG Training, Education & Consultancy



Each one of our courses is delivered by qualified and experienced instructors who have years of practice in administering first aid and life-saving techniques. We aim to make attending one of our courses an enjoyable experience by adopting a practical approach where learners are encouraged to play an active role in the training programme and, through a mix of instructional methods, will gain the knowledge, practical skills and confidence to cope with real-life situations. YOUR SUPPORT HELPS SAVE LIVES. TOUCH LIVES. CHANGE LIVES. Some of contributions and fees from our training services are reinvested into IKRAM Health (Non-governmental organization) and their other healthcare projects across the country. Our  training courses can be held at our modern, purpose-built Training Centre or can be delivered on-site at the client’s premises. We offer the flexibility to accommodate individual or group bookings and can customise and personalise courses tailored to the needs of our clients. Our team is committed to delivering first class training and support services to our clients where and when it is needed.

Our Mission is to make the Malaysian society to be the first person to aid injury victim confidently  prior to arrival of emergency medical services (EMS).


BASIC Hands-Only CPR

  • CPR without mouth-to-mouth breaths.
  • Learn the signs of a cardiac event.
  • more confident performing Hands-Only CPR.
  • more likely to remember the correct rate when trained.
  • Practice the recovery position

BASIC Life Saving (BLS)

  • Learn the sign of common motor vehicle injuries – not life threatening
  • Manage injuries such as open wound, such as cuts, bleeding, laceration, abrasion, puncture & penetration wound
  • Manage injuries of internal wound such broken bone, dislocation joints, internal bleeding
  • Head trauma and concussion management.

BASIC Life Saving BLS (Advance)

  • Learn to administer severe injuries such Burns and identify type of burns injuries
  • Handling Drowning event
  • Dealing Hypothermia
  • Managing Heart Attack events
  • Handling Stroke Attack
  • Managing post injury shock


HRDF Certificate